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We help customers improve their CDP score and rating, sharing our expertise as a silver climate consultancy solutions provider in Japan.


Advisory Services

We offer clients tailored advisory services to improve their CDP score and rating. Our standard service packages are as follows:

CDP Gap Analysis

Our experts comprehensively analyze the client’s most recent score and questionnaire to identify the gaps between the current conditions and the targeted conditions required by CDP guidelines. We clarify the essential elements which require improvement. Based on this analysis, we develop an action plan with specific recommendations to improve the client’s CDP score and rating.


CDP Implementation

Working with the action plan, we support the client to improve management systems and introduce or revise the company’s rules and regulations according to required guidelines set by CDP. This ensures improvements in CDP rating and evaluation.


Questionnaire Response

Our experts will check the contents of the answers and attached documents as supporting data to meet the required levels set by CDP.


We provide a tailored training program, including a seminar to enhance understanding of CDP concepts and create a corporate structure to efficiently respond to the CDP requirements.

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